Webinar Topics:

* Red dots are the topics we want to choose. If the content is too long for one session, we can divide it into two parts. For the topic of how to prepare a resume/CV, we’d like to adjust this topic to 2 parts: 1. For college and university students: how to prepare your resume/CV to apply for a remote job; 2. For high school students: how to prepare your resume for university applications.


  1. As we do need a lot of translation for VI programs and flyers, will Vivian be the main contact person?
  2. Can we have a list of the most popular companies and programs?
  3. The breakdown hours of internship of each program.
  4. Right now our 50 spots are only for university students, is the academic credit only for Saint Peter’s university?
  5. What are the differences and advantages between VI and the jobs that students find themselves?